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Cathi Dailey


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Isn’t it amazing as entrepreneurs and small business owners how many hats we must wear to run our business?  We become the manager, marketer, creative director and financial wizard and then suddenly, another hat makes its way into the mix.  At some point, we need to refocus our energy back to what it is that we do best in our business venture.  After all, this is why and how we are in business, whether it’s for personal enjoyment or monetary gain.

To refocus, you can ask yourself which of the hats you could hire an employee for or better yet, to outsource.  As an entrepreneur or small business, it is difficult to create new space for an employee, give up control over every detail, build trust with someone new, set aside time to train, tackle government regulations for payroll and HR, and incur new costs for equipment, software and furniture.  There just comes a time when you’ll need to take the leap to delegate some of your work flow to another source.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find someone who understands the fears, time constraints and costs of hiring an employee?  At BRAVO Services, we do just that.  Because we are a “remote” business support service we already use and own the latest technology and software tools at our location.  This means greater mobility and less cost for you.  We understand that it takes time to build trust and develop a long-term relationship, so we make sure that each and every time we do business, we exceed your expectations.

Selecting the right remote workforce is crucial to building the trust you want and establishing a long-term relationship with someone who can learn your business inside out.  To do this, it is wise to seek a remote business partner who is locally or nationally based within your work area.  It is also important that they have a competent understanding and pronunciation of your language, grammar, and dialect.  Costs may be lower in overseas operations, but you’ll end up wearing another hat to recover lost time or even worse, lost clients.

It’s time for a new way to conduct your business!  Consider giving up one of those hats and visit us at

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